Foonetic IRC Network

Foonetic (originally FooNet/havocnet) IRC is a small network started by friends in 2000. We have evolved considerably since then and now have more users, more stable servers, and more channels. You are always welcome to visit us and founding new channels is encouraged, provided you follow the rules. IRC was here before AIM and MSN and Twitter, and it will be here long after they're dead and gone. Come join us!


For a random server, connect to Or, choose a server you are geographically or networkly close to from the list below. All servers support SSL connections on port 6697 and port 7001. Regular IRC is usually supported on 6667, 6668, 6669, 7000. If your client won't automatically prefer IPv6, connect to All servers may accept connections on additional ports, check the server's MOTD.

New Europe server! Connect to located in London, UK.

If you are having trouble connecting to a ban you believe may be in error, or any other reason, please email help at If you are banned, please include details in your message, including the host address you are trying to connect to. Answers to frequently asked questions may be found on the Foonetic Wiki.

Problems and Abuse

If you have problems with foonetic or wish to report abuse, please contact us at opers[at]

Physical network map as laid out on the United States
Original map courtesy of Wikipedia.

Network stats
More detailed network statistics

Notable Channels


Foonetic uses the UnrealIRCd, which supports many user and channel modes. In addition to the standard channel modes supported on most IRCds, Unreal supports several others. Consult the UnrealIRCd users manual for details.

The user modes supported for non-operators are:

Standard network services such as NickServ, ChanServ are available. Register your nicks and channels to gain these features.

Network Rules

For the most part, Foonetic is a place to do your own thing. However, some rules exist to prevent abuse and make the network a better place. Use of an IRC network is a privilege, not a right; abuse of privilege will lead to loss of privilege. Server administrators have absolute say over whether you are allowed to use their server or not.